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Evolution of Wedding Portraits

wedding portraits

 How do wedding portraits differ today from the time in history when photographs were created?  Today, there are a couple of different approaches that are used by photographers in capturing wedding portraits.  The two major styles are  the traditional and the photojournalist approach.   Traditional wedding photography provides for a more classical approach in wedding portraits.  The couple is posed by the photographer in a controlled manner in which the couple is posed in a symmetrical style.  A Photojournalist approach originates from editorial reporting and is focused more on the wedding couple’s interactions with family members and the guests.  There is also another contemporary style which is different from traditional and photojournalist and that style reflects a more fashion based approach  in which the pose is inspired by fashion magazines.  Usually this style relies on more innovative and dramatic style when it comes to posing and also in  post processing. In post processing filters are added and special effects are also added in photo-shop so that  the desired effects of the wedding portraits  can be conceived through the manipulation of pixels which are usually in a raw format.

Middle Century Wedding Portraits

wedding portraits

This wedding portrait, was taken in 1942 and we can clearly see how static the picture and the pose of the wedding couple is in this picture.  Wedding portraits of this era were all posed very conservatively. The groom is the only person smiling in this picture and not the bride. One can only imagine why he was the only one smiling.  Maybe it is because the bride is not happy? Or was this a planned marriage in which the groom considered himself fortunate to have married the bride ? Many marriages in the early years were planned marriages.  Parents would choose who their daughter or son would marry.  Through the years, planned marriages has rapidly declined in the U.S. and in some third world countries. Planned marriages are still evident in certain religions as well .

Old Time Wedding Portraits

wedding portraits

  Wedding portraits have clearly evolved since the invention of the photograph in the early 1800′s.  Many did not hire a wedding photographer for their wedding portraits.  The photographer in the early days, had big bulky camera’s and  they were difficult to transport and were very expensive.  Wedding couples would go into a studio to have their pictures taken.  They would take their wedding pictures before or after the actual wedding ceremony.  People did not start hiring a wedding photographer until the middle 19th century when camera equipment was smaller and less bulky.

The style of  wedding portraits has changed since the advent of the photograph in the early 1800′s.  Today, anyone can become a wedding photographer. Digital SLR(Single Lens Reflex) cameras are rather inexpensive and not that complicated to operate. A quick reading of the user’s manual and a person can start taking pictures immediately.  A middle range SLR camera with an average lens can be purchased for under $1000  Anyone who can hold a camera and click the shutter release can easily take a picture with a modern SLR camera.  But what separates the amature from the professional photographer is clearly style, composition,  posing techniques, and advanced knowledge of the camera to achieve a creative desired effect.

What will be the  style of the future when it comes to wedding pictures ? Since wedding portraiture has steadily combined through the years  traditional, photojournalism and fashion, we can see a continuing trend in the years to come. And with the advent of new technologies in digital cameras, maybe we will see wedding portraits  in 3D while wearing special glasses someday? Who knows in which direction wedding portraits will ultimately evolve.